The Koinonia Institute Resident Study Programme – New Zealand

Chuck Missler

Have you discovered your calling?

"What are you doing about it?"
"How has it affected your priorities?"
"What study resources do you have available?”

Dr. Chuck Missler
Founder and Chairman of Koinonia Institute


Koinonia Institute, in conjunction with the River Lodge in New Zealand, is offering an accelerated programme for the serious KI student.

Journey through the whole Bible with Dr. Chuck Missler and other special speakers as you gather valuable insights into God’s “integrated message system that is from outside our time domain.”

Koinonia Institute offers a unique opportunity in the centre of North Island, New Zealand.  Each residential student will:

  • Participate in a guided classroom environment that will be comprised of lectures, open discussions, and testing,
  • Live communally with other students in the beautifully isolated grounds of The River Lodge in Reporoa, Bay of Plenty on the banks of the Waikato River, and
  • Grow individually in their knowledge of the Bible so they can gain the maximum benefit of this intensive preparation experience.